Strategy for Managing Spending Money

The most clueless phase in a woman’s life – in general – is the phase when she has just attained the status of a young mother. Yes, this in general.

If there are things that are not common – for example there are those who are not married – well that means an anomaly. Anomalies are definitely different stories. But this time, we will tell stories about what was not an anomaly. Namely about the life of a young mother.

Life Challenges of Young Mothers

The most common condition is like this: not married long (although it may have been a long time dating, but hey … the dating period doesn’t look like the original nature of each? So, let’s just ignore the conditions during dating), already have children who are still babies. The condition of the mother may still work outside the home or have resigned on the basis of an agreement with her husband. Meanwhile, again this situation in general, the husband’s career is still pioneered. Not too successful, but can already to live barely.

What happened? Disorder due to the hassle of dividing time between work in the office and the affairs of her baby. Indeed, family income means from two doors: from the husband, and from himself.

But, the affairs of children make it unable to move too much. It seems rather difficult for a new mother to be able to tread a higher career path when she still has a baby. Although I believe, there are also those who are able, but sure, there aren’t many. This means that his salary is barely adequate.

Then what about the mother stay at home? Is his anxiety lessened, because logically he doesn’t need to face office work? Not really. Still frustrated, because it means he lives dependent on her husband, which – again the conditions in general – provide limited spending money each month.

But, geez. The need for a baby child is extraordinary. It is not necessary to mention breastfeeding children or breastfed children, or normal or abnormal childbirth, disposable diapers or cloth diapers, the need for the baby to grow properly. If calculated, our own needs are not that big, even though we shop for skincare every day.

Need Advice, But Don’t Know Where

Really, these conditions make it clueless. Really? Closest, usually we – these young mothers – will ask parents, what are the survival tips. But, the mindset of our parents and ourselves is far different. Why do you want to ask for the technique to save, about when a baby can start to be fed a banana, you can make a cold war between the law and the law.

At best, read books or magazines. But, from experience, there are many theories, but not all are in accordance with the facts on the ground.

But, calm down, mother. Basically there are no problems without solutions. Like a pan, always sold with a lid. So, let’s find the lid of the pan together.

And, although the condition of one mother with another mother may be different, but at least 5 principles of managing family finances should be done by any young mother.

1. Make a monthly budget

Begin to make your monthly budget. Everyone certainly has different needs, this is where you have to be really smart in managing what needs are really needed and what needs are not really needed.

Make a monthly budget by dividing it into two groups, namely primary needs such as food, work expenses, electricity bills, water bills, vehicle bills, house payments, etc. and also tertiary needs such as shopping, hang out, traveling, and many more other.

Prioritized first are primary needs because if you cannot be met you will feel distressed. If indeed your primary needs are safe within one month, then you can use your tertiary needs budget for fun.

However, there is no need to look for excessive entertainment because the money can be saved for your future. Entertainment is indeed important to refresh the brain, but you also have to save too yes.

2. Pay your bills immediately

Write down all the bills that you have now because it is very important. Do not let you forget to pay the bills and eventually you will be in trouble.

It would be better if you paid all bills at the beginning of the month when you just received a salary. This is intended to avoid forgetting to pay bills and also makes it easier for you to manage your monthly needs.

3. Don’t forget to save

As an employee, of course you have to live frugally so that you don’t suffer in the future. Saving life can be started by setting aside your salary to be saved. Yes, how to save money on this monthly expenditure has proven effective to reduce spending that is not too important.

Actually saving money must not only be done by employees, those of you who are still attending school must also be accustomed to saving. It is intended that you do not have trouble if one day you do not have money and have to buy urgent needs.

Saving does not have to be much important that you are diligent and orderly set aside money every month that is after you receive a salary. Come on, cultivate a frugal life by saving money and start investing in your monthly salary.

4. Make daily financial reports

Even though you are not a graduate in accounting, making a daily financial statement is a must for every employee. Of course there are many benefits if you do how to save money on this one monthly expenditure.

Record your expenses every day. No need to make very neat notes because not everyone has the ability, just make notes that are complete and easily understood by yourself.

By doing this way, you will find out where your money has been and have been able to analyze roughly any needs that you do not need to buy in the coming month.

Although this method is somewhat complicated, but it will be very profitable for you you know. So, make sure you do not skip this one way.

5. It’s wise to use a credit card

Credit cards can help you save money if used wisely. For example, a credit card is used to promo items that are needed daily or can also be used to pay your bills such as home bills, car or motorcycle bills and also other bills.

Credit cards can indeed facilitate your business, but not always because your money can be drained if used carelessly. Uncontrolled use will only hurt you. For that, if you really can’t use your credit card wisely, you shouldn’t use it.

6. Use water and electricity wisely

Saving monthly spending money can also be done by using water and electricity wisely. Although this is relatively trivial, you must do this to reduce the cost of water and electricity bills.

Turn off the water tap when not in use, also turn off all devices that use electric power when not in use. Do not forget to turn off the lights during the day and when going to travel. This simple habit must be implemented as early as possible to avoid the swelling water and electricity bills. Even more so now that the electric power of 900 watts and above is experiencing an increase.

7. Reduce the use of motorized vehicles

If your workplace is close to home or lodging, it doesn’t hurt to go to work on foot. With so expenses to buy vehicle fuel to be reduced. By walking, you also will not be stuck in traffic on the streets which can result in being late for work.

By walking, you also participate in reducing air pollution and making the body healthier. How, interested in trying to save money on this monthly expenditure?

8. Use discount coupons or promos to shop

No need to be ashamed if you buy an item that is on a discount or promo because this is the most effective way to save monthly spending money. Be smart in finding information related to promos or discounts on items of daily necessities and also food.

Now there are many supermarkets that offer discount coupons or promo coupons for buyers who already have a subscription card. To get information about promos and discounts, please visit the internet page often.

9. Looking for additional income

For those of you who feel their income is still lacking to meet their daily needs even though they have made savings, try to find a side job that does not interfere with your main job.

Nowadays there are lots of side jobs that you can try like being a freelance writer, selling online, selling credit, and many others. Even these side efforts if done seriously can bring in more profits from your main job. How, interested to try it?

Information related to 9 tips on saving monthly spending money for these employees can you sample from now too. Guaranteed, you will get extraordinary benefits. Do not believe? Prove yourself.

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